Study: School Soda Bans Don’t Lower Consumption

Tue, 11/08/2011 - 11:29am
Lindsey Coblentz, Associate Editor, Food Manufacturing

A new study has found that banning soda in schools has little impact on the amount of sugary drinks middle school students consume at school.

First of all, most of these bans only cover soda — not other sugary drinks like Gatorade or juice drinks. The study indicated that, even when all sugary drinks were banned in schools, students’ consumption of sugary drinks did not fall, suggesting that they were getting the drinks elsewhere.

Experts say that while it makes sense for schools to be the starting place for limiting sugary beverages, they can’t do it on their own. Teenagers currently get about 15 percent of their daily calories from sugary beverages, with two-thirds of those calories coming from soda.

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